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After a year (seriously, a year) I have organized all of my writing projects and prioritized them all. I have enough projects to last years, and I hope to get to them all before I die. Yeah, there are that many.

On the drawing side, there are not as many, but still quite substantial. Abut half of the things I write will need an artist at some point, and usually, the artist I have in mind is me. I have characters designed and ready to go on adventures, but I don’t know if my skills are up there yet. I want them to look as good as they can and survive without being completely ignored.

Lastly, there is also the latest thing I am dragging along: animation. I have always wanted to create cartoons with more sophisticated subject matter, but boy is the process slow and complicated. I know Pixar and Disney have started to inject little bits here and there, but to have something more squarely in the adult realm appeals to me. I’m not talking porn, but something more generally acceptable. 

What would have happened if, say, Korra and Asami kissed just before entering that portal? In the long run - not much. Two people who love each other went on their next great adventure. Simple as that. Sure, there will be the inevitable backlash from the smaller-minded folks out there, but overall, isn’t it a healthy thing for society at large to see the diversity of beauty around us and accept it? The initial furor over “think about the children” nonsense the small-minded among us fades over time (or at least changes focus). 

I can also counteract the “think about the children” by completely agreeing. I do think about what we are doing to the world and how they will receive it. Everyone preaches on the power of love, but to actively destroy or discount a story about two people in love goes against all of that. Korra and Asami, Willow and Tara, Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman, Wallace Wells, and well, all of his boyfriends, all deserve to be viewed in the same light as Rhett and Scarlett, Sam and Diane, Rick and Ilsa, and Anna and Kristoff. I do realize about half of those relationships end poorly, but they are all regarded as high romance. How are they different? In my opinion, they are all the same. 

So when will there be a good, mainstream character in an animated feature actually be gay? Most turn out to be straight, but I do pin hopes on Elsa falling in love with another woman, but the chances of that happening is pretty slim. Elsa would have a better chance surviving a visit to Adventure Time’s Flame Princess’s home. 

I read from a great writer/artist Megan Rose Gedris, the best way to write great gay characters is to write them as people. The rest is easy. More writers should take this advice. It will only benefit everyone. It doesn’t even have to apply to gay characters - any character will benefit from this advice. 

So, yeah. Getting back to projects and such, I will make an effort to get everything on my list done, or at least get the short list of requests done. I have about a dozen pictures to draw and try to make presentable as well as a short sequence to animate from Criss Cross Star. I will continue to write and eventually start posting it if anyone wants to read it. I haven’t forgotten anyone on my request list, and I’ll get to them eventually. Thank for your patience, your faves, and your dev watches. I’ll continue to work on all on my list, and *will* continue Afterlife with Josie and the Pussycats. Pages 4 and 5 (along with a cover) are sketched and given dialogue and paneled out. All that needs to happen is to ink and color them. 

Again, thank you all for reading this far. I hope 2015 moves us all forward.

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